Solar System – Orbital Periods Project



  1. Remix to improve the accuracy of the orbital periods of the three inner planets modeled in this project so far
  2. Remix and add the accurate orbital period of Mars.
  3. Create your own solar system model in Scratch that uses your own method of planetary movement and measurement
  4. Create an accurate model of another multi-planetary system:
  5. Find other solar system models on Scratch; find one that has modelled the orbital periods highly accurately. Find one that does not and remix it making it more accurate.
  6. Add Jupiter to this project. Try to model the relative distance from the sun and the orbital period as accurately as possible.
  7. Is it possible to accurately model, to scale, the sizes AND distances of the planets in a Scratch project? Why or why not?
  8. What is the most accurate way to describe the shape of the path of the planetary orbits?
  9. Create a model in Scratch that illustrates as accurately as possible, Kepler’s first, second and/or third law. (

Example Curriculum: Ontario Grade 6 Science, SNC1D, SNC1P, SES4U


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