Base 10 Counter


Ideas: Make a base ten counter. Your code must not use variables or change numeric values. Use your code to model base-10 place value concepts.

More Project Ideas:

  1. Can you remix to create a counter in another base? (e.g., a binary counter)
  2. Compare normal mode (FLAG) & “Turbo Mode” (SHIFT + FLAG). Using this counter, or another one you make, calculate how many times faster “Turbo mode” is executing your program than is normal mode.
  3. How do speeds compare when doing different tasks, e.g., moving sprites, changing sprites, drawing lines, stamping, etc.
  4. Create two random 5-digit numbers, then add them mechanically with your code (do not use the ( ( ) + ( ) ) green operator block.

Example Curriculum: Ontario Grade 4-6 mathematics, NSN Strand 


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